BARUN CHATTERJEE       @bozza 
dob:                     ****/1989
birthplace:         27° 2' 9.6252'' N  88° 15' 45.6192'' E
resides:              AUSTRALIA 

stills journal      CINEMATOGRAPHY      DIRECTING

Nike     Rebel Sport Women Summer Edit 22


/    cinematography by Alex Serafini   /   produced by Alexandra Galloway

Covidda    RESPOND

A short meditation on coping.
In response to an interview with an anonymous health care worker, conducted during the peak of the first wave of the Covid19 pandemic in 2020.    Commissioned by Naomi Mendoza on behalf of the University of Melbourne and the Royal Melbourne Hospital   

/   cinematography by Ben Lindberg   /   produced by Ellen Hodgson

Remi    BRAIN

/ cinematography by Alex Serafini   /   produced by Tessa Mansfield Hung

Remi    FRIED - Album Teaser

/ cinematography by Jesse Gohier-Fleet