BARUN CHATTERJEE       @bozza 
dob:                     ****/1989
birthplace:         27° 2' 9.6252'' N  88° 15' 45.6192'' E
resides:              AUSTRALIA 

stills journal      CINEMATOGRAPHY      DIRECTING

Melbourne & Sydney local

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Barun Chatterjee is an award winning Indian-Australian cinematographer and emerging director. He began shooting his own projects in 2014 and since then has both led and collaborated on a number of exciting jobs around the world. His work has screened at numerous film festivals of note, including Palm Springs, Miami, Doc NYC, Courts des Iles and MIFF.

Barun’s work intimately portrays people across different cultures and from all walks of life, exploring ideas of empathy, identity and self expression.

He collaborates with filmmakers, artists, agencies and organisations to tell important stories and bring creative ideas to life.

.CV available upon request.